Warchon – the battle of light & dark

Warchon depicts the eternal struggle between Light and Dark as a contest of strategy and tactical decisions between opposing forces wrought from myth and legend. Order, Balance, and Chaos are the three forces that make up the world, each locked in an eternal struggle for domination. The three sides are led by mighty Spellcasters, accompanied by armies of mythical beasts and legendary heroes, each possessing incredible powers. It takes the plotting precision of a chess master combined with the tactical understanding of a general to determine the outcome of this clash. The creatures move around the battlefield, boldly challenging each other for control over Places of Power. When they meet, battle ensues and one-on-one combat determines who stands victorious and gains control.  The Ultimate Goal?  Capture and control the Places of Power or eliminate the opposing force.

Summary of Play
Warchon is a two-player card duel game. Each player takes the role of a mighty Spellcaster, competing with his opponent to claim Places of Power on the board. Using customized decks of cards and a game board that represents the battlefield and various tokens, they engage in combat to become the ultimate winner of the eternal conflict between Light and Dark. The players summon units and strategically position them around the board to let them battle for dominance. Players spend mana in order to play cards or gain mana by sacrificing some of their cards instead. The game is won by the first player to score six Victory Points. Victory Points are gained by controlling Places of Power on the game board or by defeating your opponent’s units.